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Gold IRA

Managing one’s retirement in the current economic climate
Since the economic meltdown of 2008 2009 the US economy has been making a definite comeback but it still left a lot of unanswered questions regarding the economy and the long-term expectations which one could reasonably expect to encounter. Naturally this will leave some people who are planning for retirement with some very important questions regarding the eventual value of their retirement package. Many people will begin to doubt whether such retirement arrangements will be sufficient to sustain them through their golden years and will allow them to live the same quality of lives which they are living right now. Any sensible person would no doubt understand that this is a very important question which needs to have an adequate answer in order to ensure a trouble-free retirement.

Investing in timeless assets
Many of the investments which have been considered safe and reliable have been proven to be very vulnerable during the recent recession and a lot of money has been lost. This has necessitated a reevaluation of the current economic conditions and the available investment methods. Traditionally precious metals such as gold and silver has been very reliable and in fact there used to be a time when most governments would only issue paper money which are equal or less than the amount of available gold in the vaults of such a country. Such gold assured the financial stability of that country and has provided such a country with a lot of financial esteem in the eyes of the global community.

This is exactly what has led to the establishment of GOLD IRA retirement packages since such an investment ensures that your financial sustainability are guaranteed by  physical gold and silver possessions which could be traded or sold at any time.

This arrangement guarantees excellent stability
Especially gold has increased steadily in value over the last couple of decades and has always been in high demand all over the planet and therefore, any retirement package which are coupled to such gold or silver should technically be a stable and an excellent long-term investment which should guarantee an excellent return on investment for many years to come. It is a well-known fact that most of the very wealthy people on this planet have substantial amounts of finances invested in precious metals since this provides a very stable investment type which will never be threatened as much as other investment forms. Naturally it is very important to ensure that you approach a reputable company who has an excellent reputation in dealing with GOLD IRA retirement packages since there are many things to be considered when investing in gold and silver and there are certain IRS requirements which have to be complied with.

So much has happened during this last decade and many things which have been considered untouchable and reliable has been shaken beyond recognition and this has forced people who are planning for retirement to urgently consider other more stable options which will be able to provide them with peace of mind regarding their retirement plans. Most of the most reputable economists are in agreement that investing in precious metals is a viable and a realistic option to any person who wants to ensure their long-term financial well-being.

TLC Learning Child Care & Preschool Center – Longmont

TLC Learning Center is one of Longmont Colorado’s oldest businesses and non-profit organizations. Recently, after changing their name from Tiny Tim Center to TLC Learning Center, they have expanded their business model to include more therapeutic services and early child care services. TLC now offers year round – child care services for children and babies aged eight weeks and up to five years old, both half and full day programs. They also offer pediatric therapy programs to work with children from birth to 12 years old. Our TLC Therapists are able to visit children both on-site and throughout the community in hospitals, family homes. Our therapy programs assist in pediatric speech, occupational, and physical therapies.

Tiny Tim (and now TLC Learning Center) has been a thriving and successful 501(c)(3) for decades and alongside that is one of the longest running companies to support Longmont city. Unlike most preschool and childcare centers – TLC is unique in offering an inclusive model of learning. Integrating both unique students and those requiring more assistance is a very special focal point for TLC as it encourages the inclusion of different students with disabilities and without, to be more accepting of one another.

Children these days don’t seem to be as focused towards acceptance as we should be and teaching them those skills at an earlier age is something that we should be working towards more and more as they generations go on. So it is refreshing to find a daycare facility that is focused on not only good moral skills but also valuable life lessons that wouldn’t be found anywhere else.

One of my best friends from college has a sister with a severe case of down-syndrome and she has always been much more accepting and correct about the fusing of people with disabilities and those without, understanding that things don’t need to be different that we don’t have to act “weird” or “strange” just because someone has a disability. Understanding how we should interact with interlinking as a community in a safe environment is a stepping stone for us to become a much more tolerant society.

If your child attended TLC Learning Center then you would be warmly welcomed by professional and quality staff – the majority of which have masters degrees – who continue to pursue their education to better educate and facilitate your children. Not only are our staff highly educated but we also keep our student to teacher ratio low so that our small class sizes will benefit your child. This means that your child we get the adequate attention that he or she deserves.

The TLC child care learning center is unlike any other in Colorado. Many people bring their children from, Mead, Niwot, Gunbarrel and even as far as Boulder to attend TLC Learning center. That is why they are recognized as the best Longmont preschool.

You can talk to the friendly staff in Longmont at any time and they will discuss the importance of attending a facility like this for every child in your neighborhood. Their friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

TLC Learning Center
611 Korte Parkway
Longmont, CO 80501

Boulder Limo Services

limo wedding

Recently I have been looking at limousines for my daughter. Her and her friends are all wanting to have a limo for their homecoming at Fairview high school [*NB This was written before said event took place] and of course I am the fortunate father to do all the price searching. It has been a long an arduous process to maintain and establish all of the costs because some of these places push one cost then boost their costs afterwards.

Being in Boulder I have to choose between Boulder companies as well as Denver companies. Some of those Denver companies generally try to be more competitive even within the Boulder county.Boulder Limo Services

The company I ended up going with was Boulder Limo Services – this newer company in the Boulder area. After talking with the driver as the girls were taking their photos and etc, we were able to get to know each other a little bit and he gave me a history of the company. It was really cool to be able to hear all about where BLS came from. They’ve actually been in the industry for 30+ years but only recently came into the world of “LIMO DRIVING.”

The girls came home for a sleepover and while “the dance” was a big part of the conversation – the limousine was huge on the radar of their evening. It is really important to me as a Father to know that when I let my girl (and friends) go somewhere with a stranger that they are taking care of to the best of abilities. As it turns out that was exactly what happened. Jonathan was extremely professional when talking with me and with listening to the request of the girls in regard to music and decibel levels!! Apparently the dance party didn’t end once the official dance closed down.




My most favorite ski resort is Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Now that that is out of the way we can begin to discuss why that is the case. The ski resorts in Colorado are everywhere and you have so many to choose from that really depend on your level of skiing and the type of skiing that you would like to be a part of. Breckenridge or “Breck” is one of the better all round mountains to choose from in Colorado and in the world.

Breck has facilities that could be utilized by absolutely anyone regardless of your skills. with thousands of skiable acres of land and now with another mountain open this past year – Breck has enough land to keep people spread out so that lines are down and not overcrowded.

After going to a local Boulder ski resort and waiting in line for over 30 minutes just to get on the non-high speed ski lift I was sick of the resort. I could only be there a couple of times before I just needed to get out and leave the place, dreaming of another day and time when I was skiing Breck.

For those of you who like to hit up the parks – you can definitely do that too. There are terrain parks aplenty ranging from small to large depending on your skill level. A little piece of advice – unless you personally know a pro snowboarder don’t try the large terrain park until you have mastered your ability to simultaneously fly and pee yourself… Maybe I know that from experience.

Some people would probably try and argue that Vail is the best ski resort in Colorado – but I, like many others, who choose to snowboard instead of ski have a serious inability to navigate catwalks at a steady pace and when you slow down you’re at a big chance of crashing out and starting from scratch.

Breck is great – understand it and do it to it.

The Best Food Truck in Denver

I have lived in Colorado for over 2 years now and have eaten at all sorts of different food services. I mean come on Colorado has some of the best restaurants and microbreweries. It is hard to really determine which is THE BEST but of course we will always give it a shot.

I have really been thinking about the ability to food drive us crazy and make so many memories. Sometimes food is about remembering things as well. I have had different types of food and tastes that have made me reminisce and think about times past. It is kind of amazing that tastes can do that.

One of the interesting thing about Denver is that their are so many food trucks all over the place that have amazing quality of foods. Some of those food trucks are horrible but some of them are absolutely amazing! Recently my wife and I were in Denver for this barbecue deal in the city, and they had barbecue from all over the nation and a bunch of them were advertising that they were food trucks in the area that you could hire for their services and stuff. Let me tell you some of it was pretty awesome.

One of the best food trucks I have come across was an El Toro food truck – really amazing food – like seriously. It’s one of those meals that you continue to crave and think about for the next couple of weeks and months.

the only thing that I probably needed was a good local micro-brew at the same time. you gotta love that huh.

denver food trucks

Welcome To My New Blog

Here on this blog we will be talking about all things Colorado. Their is so many different business and activities in this beautiful state and as I navigate through all of the different things I want to inform you of some of the business that I have found to be the best!



Machining Experience

For years I worked as a CNC machinist for a company in Australia – one of the weird things is the change from a culture like that of industrial work to a culture in Colorado (boulder specifically) that doesn’t seem to be too “industrial focused” Maybe I am competely wrong in that thinking about maybe one day I will see the other side of things but as for right now it seems to be ringing true.

I have noticed that the need for computer technicians and engineers is heavy out this way – mind you that might have something to do with the fact that IBM is so close to this area that it makes it almost impossible to not work for them.

Recently, their was an article (in the daily camera I think) that said Boulder was one of the most educated cities in the nation — as well as being one of the most irreligious, but let’s not go there — and my thought is that this fact might have something to do with the fact that Boulder is just not industrially focused.

I think of mining towns in Texas or in South Dakota where Oil booms are hitting the towns making any sort of layman working in that area impossible for them to reside. Those towns boost because of the Oil but it also destroys those who are not working in those areas. I mean seriously, what can man do when he only makes 30k in an area where the median income is 120k just because of the fact it is a mining town. They either die or barely survive.

Many people in those situations have had to move to different cities just because of those rigs that have ruined established communities. That’s when my thoughts come back to Boulder. I have not researched what the median income of Boulder is, but I can tell you that the average 2 bedroom apartment is around 1500 p/month. Now I did my college degree in Arkansas that makes the jump in rent quite dramatic in comparison. I have to assume that this effect has something to do with educated folk, but perhaps maybe not.

I will never understand the distinction between the middle class and the upper class – that is of course because I come from a lower class – my parents were never high income people, neither of them graduated high school for goodness sake. That was acceptable in 1960’s. The highest level of education they had was grade 10 – because they had to go out and start learning what it meant to make a salary. At 15… working. Of course this might be why I was snobbish during college looking at these 18 year olds who expected to go to college with absolutely no future plans in mind!!! Are you serious? Wasting all that money to explore your life, to knock over a few stones and to see which ones produce fruit. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway off track.

Perhaps what is needed in all of these worlds is the reality that the world average does not begin with those making the laws. if only our governments were actually made to live on salaries of the upper-lower class maybe then they would see the underwhelming perception of those of us at the bottom of the heap.


CNC Machine